ONE Through ZERO (The Ten Numbers), 1980-2002, 96 x 96 x 48 inches


Robert Indiana Featured in Tatler: An Insider's Guide to Frieze Sculpture

By Schuyler Mack and Eleanor Edelman

July 8, 2019

Well ahead of October’s opening of Frieze London—Regent’s Park welcomes the 2019 edition of Frieze Sculpture—a selection of large-scale artworks curated by Clare Lilley, director of Programming at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (arguably Britain’s most extensive and impressive collection of contemporary outdoor sculpture).... Robert Indiana’s ‘One through Zero’ is one of his most seminal and iconic works. It consists of a set of ten, 2-metre tall corten-steel statues—each, a different number, counting from 0 to 9. Originally designed in 1980—these monumental numbers play on the core of Indiana’s practice; a lifelong fascination with extremely commonplace symbols; numbers and letters, most specifically, and how their overuse in daily routine minimised their meaning and simple—yet beautiful—design. Here, one can bask in the beauty of something normally found on discarded receipts or scribbled on post-its. A rare opportunity to interact intimately with such a fine artwork by one of America’s most significant pop artists—and, with Indiana’s passing just over a year behind us—it is also a subtle but beautiful memorial to such a beloved and influential figure.

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