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Robert Indiana: New Art - Stable Gallery - Exhibitions - Robert Indiana

Indiana with Mother and Father (1963, in an early state), Column Eat/Hug/Die (1964), Column Die (1963–64), and The Red Yield Brother IV (1964), Stable Gallery, New York, May 12–30, 1964. Photo: Fred W. McDarrah/Getty Images

Robert Indiana: New Art, at the Stable Gallery, was Indiana's second solo exhibition. The exhibition had as its centerpiece Mother and Father (1963–66)—a large diptych portraying his parents and shown here in an early state—the paintings The Brooklyn Bridge (1964), To the Bridge (1964), The Figure 5 (1963), Love Is God (1964), The Red Yield Brother IV (1964), The Big Four (1963), and his first sculptures in two years, a series of six stenciled columns. The Electric EAT (1964) was installed in the gallery’s garden.

The exhibition opened on Mother’s Day with an evening concert of music by Virgil Thomson performed by members of the Metropolitan Opera Studio under the direction of John Gutman.