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Robert Indiana: Paintings and Sculpture, 1961 to 2003 - Waddington Custot Galleries - Exhibitions - Robert Indiana

Installation view, Robert Indiana: Paintings and Sculpture, 1961–2003, Waddington Custot Galleries, London, September 29–October 23, 2004. Left to right, ONE (1980–2001), FOUR (1980–2001), Nonending Nonagon (2001), FIVE (1980–200), and ZERO (1980–2001)

Robert Indiana: Paintings and Sculpture, 1961–2003 was the artist's first exhibition at the Waddington Custot Galleries. The exhibition included works ranging from the early works Ahab (1962) and The Melville Triptych (1962) to his LOVE, ART, and ONE Through ZERO (The Ten Numbers) series. Several Peace paintings were also exhibited.

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