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Robert Indiana - Stable Gallery - Exhibitions - Robert Indiana

Indiana’s LOVE (1966), on a mirrored pedestal, and LOVE Wall (1966) installed at Stable Gallery, New York, May 3–28, 1966. Image courtesy of the Music Library Of Yale University, Papers Of Virgil Thompson (MSS 29 And MSS 29a) at the Music Library Of Yale University.

Robert Indiana's third solo exhibition at the Stable Gallery, sometimes referred to as the "LOVE Show," included five large-scale LOVE paintings, his first LOVE sculpture (1966) and the Cardinal Numbers series (1966). The majority of the works in the show were painted in red, green, and blue, a color combination the artist associated with his father, Earl Clark, who had been employed by Phillips 66. Ingrained in his mind was the company’s red and green neon sign, which stood out boldly against a blue Indianapolis sky.